Rishing Gaunpalika

Rishing Rural Municipality lies among the six rural municipalities inside Pradesh 04, Tanahun District. Situated in the North of Tanahun, it covers an area 215 sq. km and is the biggest rural municipality of Province 04.

Stories of Rishing

There are so many hidden stories and places to explore and experience in Rishing. Stories include people, lifestyle, art, culture, history, agriculture, tourism and more. We have got the stories to inspire you.


Traditional Hand Weaving

The traditional method of weaving clothes by hand is still common among Magar community of Nepal. Pabitra Thapa Magar who belong to the Arkhalachhap tole located at Kot durbar ward number 7 Rishing village municipality Tanahun district is continuing the…

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The popular folk dances of the Magar community living in and around the Gandak region of Nepal are Salaijo, Sorathi, Maruni, Ghatu, Jharmre, Janai, Ohli, Nachan, Kauraha etc. Kauraha is the most popular of these dances.  The Rishing area of…

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It is said that the name of  this place was changed to Kotdurbar as it was ruled by Mukunda Sen’s nephew Samsen during the pre-unification period when Nepal was divided into small states. Due to the lack of protection only…

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